Dieser Hund wurde von einer brutalen Züchterin befreit

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The next morning, they woke up really early. They were both really nervous and they set out a bunch of stuff. Mom said she would see me the next day and that I needed to behave. Mom took a bag with her and they left. A few hours later, a friend of mom’s came over. Her name was Emily. Emily had a bag and was there to stay for a few days. She was so much fun and we cuddled and played and had a great time. Mom came home the next day for about an hour – just enough time to take a shower and repack her bag. She would pet me for a few minutes and then leave me again. On the second day, she noticed that I had a little swelling where Hummer had bitten me. She put a cool compress on it, cleaned it again and then put more medicine on it. She had to leave again. That night, Emily kept an eye on me and cleaned it again and put more medicine on it. The next afternoon, Emily left. Within a few hours, mom came home. She had a mummy-man with her. He walked really slowly and his whole face was bandaged up. Mom helped him to a chair and then went to get her bag from the car. She let me go outside and I was too distracted by the mummy-man. I barked at him as loud as I could. I ran around his chair and barked some more. He finally spoke and he sounded like dad, but he didn’t look like him. Mom went to give me some pets and noticed that my bite wound had swollen up really badly overnight and she had to take me to the vet man. The vet was really busy and couldn’t promise when he could see me and offered to let me stay there so she could get back home to the mummy man. When she dropped me off she couldn’t stop crying because she didn’t want me to be scared and locked up in a strange place. I tried to be brave, but I was a little scared. The doctors and their soldiers took good care of me. They cleaned my wound, did a laser therapy on it to help with the cooling and then put me on some medicine to help it clear up faster. Mom came and got me and she and I went back to stay with the mummy man. It wasn’t that easy though, by the time the night was over, things would get much worse.

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Während in den Tierheimen immer mehr Tiere ankommen und dort ihr Leben verbringen müssen, haben Hundezüchter Hochkonjunktur. Sich für einen Hund von einem Züchter zu entscheiden, anstatt einem Tier aus dem Tierheim ein Heim zu schenken, ist aus mehreren Gründen fragwürdig. Aber an erster Stelle steht das oftmals rein finanzielle Interesse der Züchter, das oft dazu führt, dass die Tiere unter schlechten Bedingungen leben müssen.

So erging es auch Schnitzel, einer Englischen Bulldogge, die den ersten Teil ihres Lebens in einer Zuchtstation in einem kleinen Käfig verbringen musste und nur durch Zufall gerettet wurde...

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