Dieser Mann riskiert sein Leben, um Hunde zu retten!

Wovor er sie bewahrt, ist einfach grausam!

And so it begins - the crumbling of my heart. The bleeding and the withering of my soul. The war I wage to restore compassion. The piece I search to find, left someone lost there on the moon. It took me almost two days to get here. Three different plane rides. A few hour trek by vehicle. My search to find a new guide, I contacted over twenty people. Once they find out where and what you are doing. They always utter, "You do not know what it's like there. You will die." The world never changes if we stay home inside. New grass never grows unless we plant the seed. There is no fear within me. And just once, I wish who you are could see. Just once, I wish who you are could feel the passion. When I am here, I have no name. And maybe it's the thought of me dying. Maybe it's the thought that I have a chance to really change something. I am not scared. I am not afraid. And its here where what I do - it is like night making love to the moon. When I stop to breathe. When I halt my feet to pick up the dying. It is in this one moment that God hides directly inside me. And I wish just once, you could be there to see it. I wish just once, you could close your eyes to feel it. Because as the stars crumble into the sky. As I pull bleeding bodies and press them against my side. The way they breathe. The way their eyes look to find me. The way we become God to the dying. It is so fucking beautiful. I am ready. My heart is resolute. I lived too much of my life in darkness. Spent too much of it incarcerated. This is war. And with the blood in my veins - I wage it. Humanity against the inhumane. No fucking fear. #Trip6 #theheartofrescue #Chanco #MarcChing http://www.animalhopeandwellness.org/donate.html

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Marc Ching wirkt wie ein normaler engagierter Mann: Er hat ein kleines Geschäft in Los Angeles, in dem er gesunde Lebensmittel für Haustiere verkauft und leitet eine Stiftung, die misshandelte Hunde in L.A. rettet.

Was Ching aber zu einem wahren Helden macht, sind seine Reisen nach Asien, wo er bisher über 300 Hunde vor einem grausamen Schicksal bewahren konnte. Denn was den Tieren dort oftmals blüht, ist einfach nicht fassbar …

Lies auf der nächsten Seite, wovor Ching die Hunde rettet!